Britney, Max Martin ja muut erään kaikkien aikojen menestyneimmän biisin teossa mukana olleet muistelevat, miten …Baby One More Time syntyi. Kuten tietänette, kappaletta ei alun perin ollut kirjoitettu Britneylle. Sitä tarjottiin ensin TLC-bändille, joka kieltäytyi, ja sen jälkeen Simon Cowell olisi halunnut sen Fivelle. Max kuitenkin antoi sen Britneylle, ja loppu on historiaa. Guardianin juttu on must-read kaikille faneille. Biisin vaiheet käydään tarkasti läpi, ja mukana on paljon uutta tietoa, sekä tietenkin Britneyn omia kommentteja.

BOMT-kappaleesta: “The whole song is about that stress that we all go through as teens. I knew it was a great song. It was different and I loved it, but I don’t think you can anticipate how a song is going to be received.”

Ensitapaamisesta Max Martinin kanssa: “I was pretty young at the time, so I was nervous, but he was so nice and put me right at ease.

Äänityksestä Tukholmassa: “I remember being so in awe of Stockholm. I was out there for, like, 10 days, but we were so busy in the studio I didn’t have time to go out and explore on that first trip.”

Max Martinista: “I really respect that when I’m working with him. I think Max is a genius. It all just came together and felt right. In my opinion Max is the greatest songwriter of all time.”

20-vuotistaiteilijajuhlastaan: “Wow, that went quick. It was such a fun and crazy time, it was a bit of a blur.”

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