Britney koristaa NME-lehden uuden numeron kantta, joka julkaistaan huomenna. Silloin ilmaislehden sisällön voi käydä tsekkaamassa täältä. Haastattelussa hän kertoo, että opettajan ammatti on osin hänen haaveissaan ja että Glory tehtiin täysin hänen ehdoillaan. Saamme myös kuulla, mitä mieltä hän on Godney-lempinimestä ja Beyoncén Lemonade-albumista.

EDIT: Skannaukset lehdestä lisätty galleriaan. Kannen lisäksi sisäsivuillakin on uusi kuva! Tai ainakin uudesta kuvakulmasta otettu kuva, mutta silti, aika hyvin ilmaislehdeltä.

Magazine scans – NME

She’s made a triumphant comeback with her ninth studio album, Glory. But despite Britney Spears forging a long-lasting musical career and enjoying almost two decades in the spotlight, she admits she still has doubts about her pop stardom. The 34-year-old star made the surprising confession in a new interview with NME magazine that she sometimes wonders whether she should retrain as a teacher.

Asked the secret to her longevity and success, Britney told the publication: ‘I try not to analyse it too much. I love what I do and I think that helps because it speaks for itself when I perform.

‘Seeing other artists continue to do this kind of thing inspires me too. Because sometimes I’m like, “What am I doing? Like, I could be a teacher.” ‘But then I see other people doing it too and I’m like, “Well, you know, it’s probably all they’ve known for so long, so it just kind of makes sense”.’

The Toxic hitmaker has amassed countless awards ever since she burst onto the music scene in 1998, and was crowned the bestselling female artist of the 2000s.

But Britney candidly revealed that her latest record is the first one where she really took creative control – and learnt to say no.
‘Honestly, this is the first project where I’ve really been hands-on’, she told NME. ‘I was really specific about who I worked with and I’ve been learning to say no. ‘I’m a people-pleaser, so that’s hard for me – even if I don’t like something, I’ll do it just to make a person happy. ‘I made sure this album was everything I wanted it to be. I was really selfish with it.’

Throughout everything, including her highly publicised 2007 meltdown, the pop princess’ fans have stood by her. Quizzed what she thinks of their nicknames including Godney and The Holy Spearit, the singer enthused: ”That’s just how the fans are – and I don’t want to let them down. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. ‘It’s really flattering, but I don’t know if I can set my bar that high. ‘I’m sure a lot of them have almost felt like they’ve grown up with me.’

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