On tapahtunut jotain erikoista: sekä fanit ETTÄ kriitikot rakastavat Glory-albumia. Alla muutamia tarkkasanaisia arvioita, joista osa puhuu Glorysta yleisellä tasolla ja osa käy läpi albumin kappale kappaleelta. Itse en osaa vielä sanoa muuta kuin että se on mitä odotin ja toivoin sekä paljon enemmän.

Rolling Stone Go ahead and take that bow, Britney – you earned it.

The Guardian: The pop sensation’s ninth album is a smooth, shapeshifting record – with the singer sounding like she’s having the time of her life.

Pop Crush: She’s delivered one of the most artistically, musically and vocally ambitious albums of her career.

Idolator: And it’s a very promising sign that she’s not just back…she’s better than ever, bitch. 4/5

CelebBuzz: The road to Glory is paved with gold. — Against all odds, Spears has returned to herself. Somewhere along the line, she regained control: of her voice, of her music, of her message, of her vision. B+

Vanity Fair: “That was fun.” And if there is any sort of thesis for the album as a whole, it’s probably that: Britney Spears is having fun.

Digital Spy: When Britney began teasing the album over two years ago, she used the terms “left lane” and “artsy fartsy”. Well, Glory is most definitely those things and more. It’s a triumphant return of one of pop music’s most essential players.

Telegraph: It may be nothing more than an exercise in maintaining the brand of the 21st Century’s most vacant superstar but, in its perfectly distilled empty pleasures, Glory might just be Britney’s masterpiece. 3/5

Slant Magazine: Britney’s made her most daring, mature album in years.

Attitude: This isn’t just Britney Spears the media puppet singing pop songs, this is Britney Spears singing Britney Spears songs. The authentic, effortless nature of Glory makes it a welcome and satisfying return to from one of the generation’s best pop stars.

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