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10 x Work Bitch -parhautta

Billboard.com on listannut kymmenen parasta asiaa Work Bitch -sinkusta:

1. The BRITish Accent. Let’s get this out of the way first: Britney utilizes a British accent on “Work Bitch.” This is an okay thing! In a post-“Applause” world, where Lady Gaga is allowed to vamp it up on the verses, it’s more than acceptable for Spears to embrace her inner Britishney and heighten the ferocity of her commands here. As Grantland’s Molly Lambert points out, the use of the fake accent essentially allows Spears to assume the identity of a new character — in this case, a no-nonsense headmistress who extols the virtue of relentless labor as a means to the purchase of many fancily named cars. Spears already explored a U.K. persona on the “clob” banger “Scream & Shout,” and in the context of these lyrics, it makes even more sense. Bloody brilliant!

2. The Practicality Of It All. “Work Bitch,” as its title suggests, does not abide by laziness, but also offers some solid cause-and-effect reasoning in its lyrics. Silver-spoon circumstances aside, most people have to work very, very hard in order to secure substantial funds for Maseratis, mansions and membership at Parisian parties. However, as Britney points out, a “hot body” also requires work — a different, more physical form of work, but work nonetheless. You cannot argue with Spears’ fundamental point here. This is the pop music equivalent of showing your work in math class: instead of just screaming “Work Bitch” at her followers, Spears is providing concretes examples of the importance of labor, further motivating listeners at gyms, offices and car dealerships worldwide.

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3. The Big, Fat Bass. Listen to that drop at the 0:45-second mark — the synth riff that sounded a bit tinny during the first chorus becomes infinitely more muscular, and as Spears groans in the background, the listener receives his or her first opportunity to let loose some awkward shoulder grooves. The bass cycles in and out throughout “Work Bitch,” and when it flies into the forefront, the depth of that hook multiplies deliciously.

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Vegas-ilmoitus helikopterilla

TMZ-sivuston mukaan Britney tekee Vegas-ilmoituksen aavikolla, joka näytetään suorana GMA-ohjelmassa myöhemmin tänään. Yleisoä on yli tuhat henkeä ja Britney kuulemma saapuu paikalle helikopterilla. Spektaakkeliin ilmeisesti kuuluu myös Work Bitch -esitys. Kuulostaa mahtavalta! Olisipa se totta.

Britney Spears will spill the beans about her upcoming Vegas spectacular tomorrow, TMZ has learned, and the announcement itself will be an extravaganza in the middle of nowhere.

We’re told Britney will unveil plans for her big new Planet Hollywood show from an undisclosed location in the Mojave desert at around 4AM PT, and it will be broadcast live on “GMA.”

It’s going to be huge, 1,350 participants will be bused from Vegas to the desert. And get this … all attendees must be between 5′ and 6′ tall … we don’t know why.

As for Brit … she’ll be arriving via helicopter.

All told, we’ve learned the show announcing the show will cost roughly $100,000, including $27,176 to bus all the people (28 buses total), $4,200 for tents, and $5,154 for craft services … which includes 2,100 bottles of water, coffee, 918 Gatorades, and 567 Red Bulls.

We’re told Britney will be performing her new single “Work Bitch,” and she’ll then blast specifics about her new show that debuts in December. In case you can’t wait, we have a bunch of particulars, including what she’ll be raking in.

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Work Bitchin viralliset sanat

Olen lisännyt Work Bitchin viralliset sanat lyriikkaosioomme. Pari epäselvää kohtaa sai vahvistuksen. Käy katsomassa, oletko laulanut sitä oikein:


Britney esittelee WB:n

Britney esittelee Work Bitch -biisin Z100-radiossa:

Work Bitchin sensuroitu versio

Jotkut radioasemat soittavat Work Bitchin sensuroitua versiota, jossa “Work Bitch” on korvattu sanoilla “work work”. Kahdessa muussa kohdassa bitch-sanaa on hieman blurrattu. Oletteko te jo kuulleet sen radiosta ja kumpi versio silloin soi?

Saaran Work Bitch -arvostelu

Olen nyt saanut kuunnella Work Bitchia jo lähes vuorokauden ja ajattelin kirjoitella ylös omia vaikutelmiani siitä. Altistusta on totisesti tullut, sillä eilinen neljän tunnin bussimatka kului mukavasti sen parissa.

Tykästyin siihen jo ensimmäisellä kuuntelukerralla, vaikka olin alunperin epäileväinen sen nimen takia. will.i.am oli lupaillut Britneyn omiin kokemuksiin pohjaavia kappaleita, ja Work Bitch ei nimen perusteella sellaiselta vaikuttanut. Ehkä se ei suorasti mikään omaelämäkerrallinen biisi olekaan, mutta se on silti Britneyn sanoittama ja kuitenkin tavallaan perustuu hänen elämäänsä: onhan hän ollut musiikkialalla jo kymmenenvuotiaasta asti, eikä totisesti ole saanut mitään ilmaiseksi.

Joidenkin mielestä se on liian tavallinen klubihitti, mutta tästäkin olen eri mieltä. Minun mielestäni se eroaa suuresti tämän päivän renkutuksista ja on luomassa uusia trendejä, kuten Britneyn kohdalla yleensä aina on. Se jää heti soimaan päähän ja biitti on suorastaan vastustamaton.

Eniten pidän ehkä sen sanoista. Siinä ei ole niin paljon kertosäkeiden tai muiden toistoa, vaan eri osioita on paljon. Ehdottomat lempikohtani ovat: here comes the smasher / here comes the master sekä go call the police / go call the governor. Myöskin lievä brittiaksentti toimii kappaleessa upeasti.

Moderniudestaan huolimatta se muistuttaa minua Blackoutista ja myöskin In The Zonen kokeilevasta ilmapiiristä. Ne sattuvat olemaan lempialbumeideni joukossa, joten odotan innolla tulevaa. Minusta kappale on sata kertaa parempi johtosinkku kuin Hold It Against Me ja se ansaitsee täyden kympin. Ehkä jopa kymppiplussan.

Vegas-diili 15 miljoonaa?

TMZ-sivuston mukaan Britneyn Vegas-sopimus olisi kaksivuotinen ja hän tienaisi hulppeat 15 miljoonaa vuodessa. Esityksiä olisi 48 vuodessa, eli ansiot per esitys olisivat 310 000 dollaria. Celine Dion ansaitsee vuodessa enemmän, mutta hänellä on myös paljon enemmän esityksiä. Asia varmasti selkenee huomisessa GMA-ohjelmassa.

Britney Spears will be raking in HUGE STACKS in Vegas this winter, a ridiculous $310,000 per show… nearly $15 million per year, but she still doesn’t hold a candle to Celine Dion.

TMZ is privy to the financial details of Britney’s deal. The 2-year contract calls for 48 shows a year at Planet Hollywood. According to the contract, Britney will earn $310,000 per show.

By contrast, Celine does 70 shows a year. Sources say she pulls in $476,000 a show… so she’s way ahead of Britney in the money department, but Brit gets more time off.

Britney’s cut of the gate is huge, projected sales per show are $508,514, meaning Brit will be snagging more than 60%.

As we reported, producers are shooting for a “cool, hip club-like show”… unlike the run-of-the-mill Vegas shows that preceded it (Celine’s included). It starts in December.

If that’s not convincing, check out these cool 3D mock-ups of the stage.

Work Bitch hallitsee iTunesia *edit*

Work Bitch on jo noussut yli kahdessakymmenessä maassa iTunesin ykkössijalle, mukaan lukien Suomessa. Olethan jo ostanut omasi täältä? Lisää ostolinkkejä tulee myöhemmin.

EDIT: Nyt se on ykkösenä 31 maassa!

#1 Argentiina #1 Brasilia #1 Bulgaria #1 Chile #1 Columbia #1 Costa Rica #1 Kyros #1 Dominikaaninen tasavalta #1 El Salvador #1 Suomi #1 Ranska #1 Kreikka #1 Guatemala #1 Israel #1 Italia #1 Latvia #1 Liettua #1 Malesia #1 Meksiko #1 Nicaragua #1 Panama #1 Peru #1 Singapore #1 Slovakia #1 Slovenia #1 Espanja #1 Ruotsi #1 Thaimaa #1 Turkki #1 Venezuela #1 Vietnam

Lisää Work Bitch -arvioita

Work Bitch on saanut erittäin positiivisen vastaanoton mediassa:

Rolling Stone:
“The pounding dance track, which features mostly spoken lyrics, serves as a testament to the fine things a strong work ethic can bring about.”

Entertainment Weekly:
“A lot has been made of the Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga chart face-off this fall, but music fans shouldn’t count out OG pop queen Britney Spears in that fight.”

“The most exciting bit is the middle eight which goes all epic and spacey with some proper hands-in-the-lasers lyrics.”

Hollywood Life:
“Brit is back sounding amazing with her new hit song, ‘Work B**ch,’ and we are so obsessed already. Honestly, we haven’t loved a song of hers this much since ‘Circus!'”

“Go call the governor” – a phrase we suspect will become as synonymous with her career as the immortal “It’s Britney, b***h!”.

Instinct Magazine
“Get out your headphones or find a club that’s open because Britney’s “Work Bitch!” has leaked and it’s a club banger!”

“Work Bitch” reaffirms her position on the throne, and proves just why Britney is the best: We have never and will never have to worry about her musical output, because Britney Spears is the most consistent supplier of amazing pop music in the world.”

Kick Kick Snare:
“Move over Oprah. So what is the advice from Ms Spears on how to live a life like music videos and movies stars? Naturally, you betta ‘Work Bitch’.”

“We’re liking this one a lot, really. It’s at least a lot better than her Scream and Shout duet with Will.I.AM.”

The Magic Critique
“‘Work Bitch’ is an incredibly different song than I think any of us were expecting. The beat isn’t straight-up EDM, but it’s got some urban flares that give it a really unique sound.”

That Grape Juice:
“Britney Spears has done it again!”

“The new Britney Spears single “Work Bitch” TOTALLY ROCKS in a “current” EDM kind of way! This is going to be MASSIVE!”

“Unsurprisingly, the song was designed for clubs. It has a grand finale finish that caps the song off nicely”

“Work Bitch” is a full-on club banger with Brit confidently sing-talking over a hot electronic driven beat that sounds like both everything and nothing on the radio.”

“Couldn’t you just imagine yourself now in a club with everyone just shouting You better work B*tch!”

“It’s a total club banger and I am now even more excited for Brit’s next album of songs I can pretend to strip to in the privacy of my bedroom.”

The Huffington Post:
“The dance track takes a strong beat and has the 31-year-old singer repeatedly encouraging listeners to “get to work, bitch.”

“The song is definitely a new sound for Britney… it has that Swedish House sound without really falling under the EDM label.”

The Hollywood Gossip:
“It’s upbeat, fun pop music on par with most of her younger contemporaries. The British accent thing is strange, but it’s catchy, no?”

“Summer is over. Which means that, yes, “Blurred Lines” is going out as the warm weather anthem of 2013. The adrenaline-fueled, smokey-voiced Britney Spears is back, and she wants you to know that it is time to werk, err…work. The jam of fall 2013 is here.”

Oh No They Didn’t:
“I really like the idea of the song and its lyrics are better than I expected”

“The track is everything we know and love about modern-day Britney: pulsing club rhythms (courtesy of executive producer Will.i.am), vocals that blend bad-bitch attitude and robotic authority, and the return of Brit’s inexplicable British accent.”

“She promised something very different from what’s been done in the past and delivers. Never has Britney been this forward and frank on a single before but she proudly embraces her inner grown woman, saying, ‘I am the bad b**ch!'”

“It may have been leaked early but at least Work Bitch seems to have been well-received by fans.”

“A catchy new song”

“As I suspected, “Work Bitch” is a catchy electronic dance track that will no doubt get ample play in clubs”

“”Work Bitch” is one hell of a club banger”

E!Online UK:
“Brit works and the song does not disappoint.”

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Work Bitch virallinen audio

Work Bitch on nyt lisätty audiona Britneyn Vevo-kanavalle, muistathan katsoa/kuunnella sitä ahkerasti. Se on myös USA:n iTunesissa. Suomalaisia latauslinkkejä laitan sitä mukaa kun niitä ilmestyy.