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KIERTUE: 23.6. ja 24.6. Bangkok, Thaimaa

Juhannuksena olleet Thaimaan kaksi show’ta tarjosivat faneille sekä uuden asun että meet&greet-mahdollisuuden, jota muissa konserteissa ei ole ollut tai ainakaan emme ole nähneet niistä kuvia. Kuvamatsku on herkkua kaikissa albumeissa, sillä paikalla oli ensimmäisenä iltana myös ammattikuvaajia.

Britney: Live in Concert | June 23, Bangkok, Thailand

Britney: Live in Concert | June 23, Meet & Greet

Britney: Live in Concert | June 24, Bangkok, Thailand

Britney: Live in Concert | June 24, Meet & Greet

“Britney on muuttanut Las Vegasin”

Finanssilehti Forbes hehkuttaa Britneyn Las Vegas -stinttiä, joka päättyy tämän vuoden lopussa neljän menestyksekkään vuoden jälkeen. Yli sadan miljoonan dollarin lipputulojen lisäksi fanit ovat ostaneet oheistuotteita sekä käyttäneet rahaa hotellihuoneisiin, ruokiin ja juomiin tuoden tuloja koko kaupungille. Lisäksi hän oli ensimmäinen yhä listaykkösiä tehtaileva ja ajankohtainen artisti, joka siirtyi Vegasin lavoille. Tämän seurauksena asiakaskunta nuoreni, ja ilmiö houkutteli paikalle myös muita artisteja, kuten Mariah Careyn ja Jennifer Lopezin.

Sorry to say Britney fans, but the singer’s “Piece Of Me” Las Vegas residency is, in fact, ending. After initially signing on for a two-year stint and then renewing her stay for another two, the internationally adored pop star has apparently had enough of Sin City. Her last show will be on New Year’s Eve at the end of this year.

In its years on the Strip, “Piece Of Me” earned the distinction of being one of the most successful shows to ever descend onto Vegas. Earlier this year, the residency, which played like a greatest hits collection, announced that it had sold more than $100 million in tickets, and that doesn’t take into account merchandise sales or the remaining shows. It also doesn’t include the revenue generated by concertgoers who spent on hotel rooms, restaurants, alcohol or in the casino. It’s difficult to estimate an all-encompassing sum that might explain just how valuable the chanteuse really is.

The legacy Spears leaves is much larger than money, even though the final total she’s likely responsible for is massive. Money comes and goes, especially in a city like Vegas, but the “Womanizer” singer has changed one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for good, and it’s impossible to attach a price tag to that kind of revolution.

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Singapore-haastattelu: Ei enää avioliittoa, mutta lapsia kyllä

Britney antoi puhelinhaastattelun singaporelaiselle The Straits Times -lehdelle, jossa hän kertoi, ettei kolmatta avioliittoa ole enää luvassa, mutta lapset olisivat tervetulleita. Hän myös kertoi, että pojat eivät ole kiinnostuneita viihdeteollisuudesta, koska “se mitä äiti tekee ei ole siistiä”. Hän myös hehkutti uusiseelantilaista artistia Lordea.

Pop star Britney Spears has two sons who are now around the same age she was when she started out in show business in The Mickey Mouse Club. So, will her kids – Sean, 11, and Jayden James Federline, 10 – be following in their mother’s footsteps? Not a chance, the 35-year-old singer, who is performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 30, tells The Straits Times.

“They’ve grown up with me being in the business,” she says, sounding chirpy over the telephone from Thailand, one of the stops on her current Asian tour.

“They basically look at it like, ‘Oh, mummy does it, so it’s not that fascinating.’ So I think they’ll go in the opposite direction, believe it or not. What mum does isn’t cool.”

While the upcoming show is her first major concert in Singapore, it will not be the first time she has performed here. She did a showcase performance for music industry executives here in 1998, a year before her debut album …Baby One More Time became a worldwide hit. She recalls of that show: “Me and my mother, it was just me and her and it was really fun for me because I wasn’t famous yet and it was just really funny and cool and very, very special.”

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Lähde: The Straits Times

Singapore-haastattelu: Pojat pitävät Britneyn puolia

Singaporelainen The New Paper -lehti sai Britneyltä haastattelun, jossa selvisi, että pojat ovat aika suojelevaisia hänestä. Britney myös muistelee edellistä, kahdenkymmenen vuoden takaista Singaporen visiittiään. Lisäksi hän kehuu aasialaisfaneja ja etenkin filippiiniläisiä ja viitannee tähän videoon, jossa he lauloivat hänen biisejään innolla.

Britney Spears has a pair of extremely protective bodyguards – and she is proud of them.

They are her sons, Sean Preston Federline, 12, and Jayden James Federline, 11, who have taken it upon themselves to be her protector.

“When I was younger, I was more protective of them. But now, I think they’re more protective of me.

“When we go out to restaurants and fans approach me, they will keep a lookout to make sure nobody messes with their mama,” said Spears, laughing, adding that the boys are “almost as tall as me now”.

The US pop star, 35, was speaking to The New Paper over the phone from Bangkok where she is preparing for a two-night concert in the Thai capital this weekend.

Spears will then perform in the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 30 in her first concert here. And yes, her boys will be here.

It has been a while since you embarked on a world tour. What challenges do you face balancing work and family life?

I’ve been working my whole life, and my family has always been with me. The people I work with are just like my family as well, and it makes things easier. We would be together all the time, making our way around together and that is how we do it. It is all love.

What has motherhood taught you about being a celebrity?

As a mum, every day is different for me. There is so much good energy and innocence in my children, and I can say that the older I get, the more inspired I am by youth.

A lot of celebrity children are making it big on social media. Are your children into social media?

They go on the Internet every once in a while, they are more into the cat videos and the funny stuff. Children these days are really into technology. There is a balance and there are boundaries to be kept. I’ll expose them more to social media when they are older.

What do you like about Asia?

It is so great over here and my sons are with me as they are out of school now. The hospitality has been amazing. Sometimes we don’t know how to act as everyone is so respectful, they even bow when they greet us. The fans in Asia make a bigger deal out of things. When I was in the Philippines, the fans were basically singing the lyrics to my songs really loudly, and they are just really fun.

You were last in Singapore almost 20 years ago. What do you remember and is there anything you’d like to try this time?

That was so long ago (laughs). It was a little different last time as I was with my mum and it was my debut period then. I remember palm trees; it was interesting and weird. I am not really an ethnic food person, so I am not keen on trying your local food. I am more of a mac and cheese person.

Lähde: The New Paper

Thaimaa-haastattelu: Ei uutta musiikkia tänä vuonna

Britney antoi Bangkok Post -lehdelle sähköpostihaastattelun, jossa hän muun muassa kertoi, että hän työskentelee uuden musiikin kanssa, mutta ei aio julkaista mitään vielä tänä vuonna. Lisäksi hän mainitsi taas Beyoncén artistina, jonka kanssa haluaisi tehdä joskus yhteistyötä. Lue koko haastis alta:

Your concert in Bangkok seems long overdue. Was there ever an attempt made to have you perform here before?
It’s been a while since I was last in Asia, I don’t think we’ve ever discussed a show in Bangkok in the past. I’m very excited to perform in Thailand for the first time!

Your fans in Thailand are so excited about your concert! Have you seen the parody version of your Toxic music video by a Thai party organiser which recently went viral? (goo.gl/rzGTRV) What do you think of it?
I have seen it, and I thought they did a great job!

Is this concert basically an extension of your Vegas residency? Will the audience here in Thailand experience what it would have been like to watch you in Vegas?
Definitely! I wanted to bring a taste of my Vegas show to Asia for the fans that haven’t been able to make it to Vegas.

We’ve seen you as a judge on the American version of X Factor. Are you planning to do it again anytime soon?
I enjoyed my time on X Factor, but no, I don’t have plans to do anything like it again.

How’s working on the next album going? Any chance it will be released this year?
I’m constantly working on music, but no plans to release anything this year.

You’ve got a Vegas residency until the end of the year and you’re touring Asia. How do you juggle this hectic schedule along with being a mum? Are your kids going along with you on tour?
It’s hard being away from them, but I make sure we speak at least once a day. They do travel with me when they’re out of school.

Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to trying or experiencing in Thailand?
I hear the massages are amazing!

Can you name one artist/band who’s on your collaboration wishlist? Why do you want to work with him/her/them?
Beyoncé. She’s so fierce and her music is amazing.

Anything you want to say to your Thai fans?
I love you and can’t wait to see you at my shows!

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Britney valtasi Korean musiikkilistan

Britney esiintyi viime lauantaina Etelä-Koreassa ja valtasi samalla maan musiikkilistan. Glory hyppäsi ykköseksi, ja top kahteenkymppiin mahtuvat myös kokoelmalevyt The Essential Britney Spears ja The Singles Collection sekä vuonna 2013 julkaista Britney Jean.

#1 Glory
#6 The Essential Britney Spears
#11 The Singles Collection
#17 Britney Jean

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KIERTUE: 16.6. Manila, Filippiinit

Eilen Britney veti onnistuneen konsertin loppuun myydyllä areenalla Filippiineillä. Kuvapuolella on luvassa melkoista herkkua, sillä lisäsin vain upeita, korkealaatuisia kuvia. Nyt on pieni tauko, sillä seuraava show on vasta viikon päästä Thaimaassa. Nauttikaa sillä välin näistä:

Britney: Live in Concert | June 16 – Manila, The Philippines

Uusi tuoksu: VIP Private Show

Kuten Facebookin puolella jo kerroin, Britney ilmoitti keskiviikkona uudesta tuoksusta. Tuorein tulokas on nimeltään VIP Private Show, eli se jatkaa viime vuonna alkanutta Private Show -sarjaa. Hedelmäinen hajuvesi tulee kauppoihin myöhemmin tänä vuonna. Edellisestä tuoksustakaan ei ole kauan, sillä Fantasy In Bloom ilmestyi lopputalvesta. Tykkään julisteesta ja pullosta todella paljon, eikä tuoksuyhdistelmäkään kuulosta hassummalta.

Ensituoksu: veriappelsiini, punainen omena, mango
Sydäntuoksu: orvokki, appelsiininkukkaöljy, magnolia
Pohjatuoksu: vadelma, myski, meripihka, puun tuoksut

“Private Show juhlisti yhtä suurimmista intohimoistani, tanssimista. Olen todella innoissani tuodessani tuoksun henkilökohtaisemmalle tasolla VIP Private Show’n myötä. Se on saanut innoituksensa henkilökohtaisesta, intiimistä esiintymisen tunteesta, jossa paikalla ovat vain sinä ja yleisö.”

Fragrances – VIP Private Show

KIERTUE: 13.6. Taipei, Taiwan

Britney esiintyi aiemmin tänään Taiwanissa, ja lisäsin galleriaan ensimmäisiä kuvia illasta. Hän toi mukanaan uuden vanhan asun, pinkin bodyn. Lavalla nähtiin myös poikaystävä Sam, joka pääsi hihnan päähän ja sai suudelmankin. Seuraavaksi kiertue siirtyy Philippiineillä, jossa Britneyllä on ehkä eräs maailman aktiivisimmista fanikunnista.

Britney: Live in Concert | June 13 – Taipei, Taiwan

KIERTUE: 10.6. Soul, Etelä-Korea

Britney on juuri vetänyt loppuun myydyn konsertin Etelä-Korean Soulissa. Alla ensimmäisiä kuvia, joita lisäilen sitä mukaa kun niitä tulee. Seuraava show on Taiwanissa tiistaina. EDIT: Uusia kuvia lisätty.

Britney: Live in Concert | June 10 – Seoul, South Korea