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Uusi tuoksu: Fantasy In Bloom

Uusi vuosi alkaa hyvillä uutisilla, sillä Britneyltä on taas tullut uusi tuoksu. Fantasy In Bloom -nimeä kantava hajuvesi on jo myynnissä USA:ssa. Tuoksua ei vielä ole mainostettu mitenkään, eikä se ole edes Britneyn virallisilla hajuvesisivuilla. Eräs fani bongasi sen sattumalta Kohl’silla. Tsekkaa ensimmäiset kuvat alta:

Fragrances – Fantasy In Bloom

Uusi haastattelu: “Kiertue mahdollinen”

Hyvää uutta vuotta! Britney on THINK-lehden kannessa vanhojen kuvien kera. Britney kertoi haastattelussa, että maailmankiertue on mahdollinen! Se jää nähtäväksi. Jutussa on jonkin verran kirjoitus- ja asiavirheitä, joten en oikein tiedä, miten suhtautua siihen.

Magazines – THINK

Hyvää joulua kävijöille!

Oikein hyvää joulun aikaa kaikille kävijöille! Muistakaa fiilistellä Britneyn joulubiisin My Only Wish (This Year) tahtiin. Se on muuten soinut ahkerasti vaatekaupoissa.


Slumber Party Remix -EP julkaistu!

Slumber Party -sinkusta on julkaistu viiden kappaleen remix EP, jolla on jopa oma kansikuva! Biisit voi ostaa iTunesista, ja ne on lisätty myös Britneyn viralliseen YouTubeen. Merry Britmas!

1. Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Bad Royale Remix)
2. Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Marc Stout & Scott Svedja Remix)
3. Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Bimbo Jones Remix)
4. Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Danny Dove Remix)
5. Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Misha K Remix)


Make Me vuoden paras video

Kahdeksan miljoonan äänen jälkeen Make Me on kruunattu vuoden parhaaksi videoksi Fusen perinteikkäässä äänestyksessä. Voitto on Britneylle jo neljäs. Aiemmat voittovideot ovat Circus, I Wanna Go ja Pretty Girls.


Slumber Party valittu vuoden parhaiden joukkoon

Slumber Party -musiikkivideo on valittu vuoden parhaiden musiikkivideoiden joukkoon. Playboyn listalla sijoitus oli kolmas, V Magazinen vastaavassa ei ole numerointia. Hyvin ansaittu!

This was the moment that proved Britney was truly back. Director Chris Tilley created a world of raunchy debauchery and just let Britney do her thing. The choreography is some of her best, her romps with Tinashe are absolutely delightful, and the milk licking is one of her most provocative moments in the last decade. The iconic songstress has never been more confident or at ease in a video, and for most pop music fans, it is so gratifying to watch.

V Magazine

Britney Spears is no stranger to songs about sex. Since begging for another hit while dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl to slaving away for her lover and dancing with a python, Spears knows how to mix raw sexuality with infectious hooks. In the latest single from her new album, Glory, she tackles a new troupe: bisexuality. “Cause we got them candles hanging / Hanging from the ceiling low / We use our bodies to make our own videos / Put on our music that makes us go fucking crazy, oh / Like a slumber party.” While the lyrics are notably unisex, it’s Tinashe’s assist in the radio remix that allows the song to confront sexuality more pointedly. With Tinashe, “Slumber Party” became a delightful, suggestively same-sex romp about the lost art of spending a night in with a friend—or two or three. We don’t judge here.


Britney Yahoon seitsemänneksi suosituin artisti

Britney oli tänä vuonna hakujen perusteella Yahoon seitsemänneksi suosituin artisti. Alla top kymppi kokonaisuudessaan.

1. David Bowie
2. Taylor Swift
3. Prince
4. Kanye West
5. Tim McGraw
6. Lady Gaga
7. Britney Spears
8. Randy Davis
9. Trent Harmon
10. Beyoncé

While continuing to keep busy with her ongoing Las Vegas residency show, Britney Spears excited fans early in 2016 with the news she was working on her ninth studio album — her first in three years. While everyone waited for the music, in May, she executed an eye-catching medley of her past hits for the Billboard Music Awards (as well as accepted the prestigious Billboard Millennium Award, an honor bestowed on only two other artists to date). It was rumored she was going to unveil her new single then; however, she waited until July to release “Make Me” f/G Eazy. Her full-length, ‘Glory,’ arrived the following month, dropping just after her much-publicized triumphant return to the MTV Video Music Awards — a stage she hadn’t performed on since 2007, when her infamous “Gimme More” left viewers wanting less. By the end of the year, Spears was reportedly working on yet another album (details hazy at this point).

Lähde: Yahoo

B96 Jingle Bash: Kuvat & videot

Britneyn esiintyi eilen Jingle Bash -konsertissa, ja näistä joulunajan tapahtumissa juuri tässä hän oli ehkä energisin! Toivottavasti pian saadaan parempia videoita ja kuvia, koska kaikki tuntui menevän nappiin (paitsi Tinashen nimen lausuminen). Mukana oli siis Tinashe, ja mikä parasta, G-Eazy! Herran ja Britneyn välillä oli vielä enemmän kemiaa kuin normaalisti, jos se edes on mahdollista. Anteeksi hypetys, mutta fanitan B-EAZYA.

December 10 – B96 Jingle Bash

December 10 – B96 Jingle Bash: Meet&Greet


Work Bitch: X X X
Womanizer: X X
I’m a Slave 4 U: X X X X
Do You Wanna Come Over?: X
Make Me: X X
Toxic: X X X
Stronger: X
(You Drive Me) Crazy: X X
Slumber Party: X


Glory huomioitu vuoden parhaiden listoilla

Grammyläiset eivät tänäkään vuonna arvosta Britneyn musiikillista panosta, mutta onneksi muualla Glory-albumi on huomioita vuoden parhaimpien listoilla. Lisäksi Do You Wanna Come Over on Entertainment Weeklyn mukaan vuoden 23. paras biisi.

Slant Magazine: 10. sija

From Glory’s opening “Invitation” to its (deluxe edition) closer, “Coupure Electrique,” it’s no surprise that Britney Spears stocks her latest album with expressions of uncontainable horniness. What is surprising is the degree to which her agency in the act is emphasized, and how sex here is rarely an act of exhibition. Songs like “Private Show” and “Do You Wanna Come Over?” yearn for a specific intimacy, a moving expression from an artist whose public relationship with sexuality once seemed disturbingly out of her control. The album’s key lyric comes from the single “Slumber Party”: “We use our bodies to make our own videos.” Glory is an album-length reclamation of Britney’s sexual autonomy.

Digital Spy: 11. sija

Even when the album verges on box-ticking with its light sprinkling of Major Lazer/Bieber style bangers, it still retains enough personality to be distinctive. When Britney began teasing the album over two years ago, she used the terms “left lane” and “artsy fartsy”. Well, Glory is most definitely those things and more. It’s a triumphant return of one of pop music’s most essential players.

Fuse.tv: 12. sija

After the tragedy that was 2013’s Britney Jean, us fans held on to sheer faith that the Princess of Pop would reclaim her crown by giving us the album that we deserve—Glory. There are very few missteps on the project, which is one of her strongest since 2008’s Circus. Instead of giving us air-headed, sticky pop songs (save “Private Show”), Britney returns to exploring R&B, electronica and trap. From the breathy, reggae-infused “Slumber Party” to the trippy French banger “Coupure Èlectrique” and stand-out track “Love Me Down,” Ms. American Dream sounds more musically engaged than she has in a long time.

Päivän huhut: Yhteistyötä Madonnan ja Christinan kanssa

Päivän huhumyllyssä on melkoisesti aineksia. Hollywood Life väittää, että Madonna haluaa tehdä hittibiisin Britneyn ja Ariana Grande kanssa. Toinen huhu liittyy Do You Wanna Come Over -biisiin, jonka esittäjiksi on Britneyn lisäksi lisätty Christina Aguilera ja saksalainen teknobändi La Bouche. Eniten kaikkia kiinnostaa tietysti, onko luvassa uusi sinkku, jolla Christina vierailisi. Nähtäväksi jää.

Madonna, Ariana Grande, 23, and Britney Spears, 35, all together in the same recording studio?! Yep! And what Madge wants, Madge gets. Talk about a sizzling hot song…we can only imagine. “Madonna absolutely adores Ariana and her bubbly, upbeat personality. After spending time together at the Malawi fundraiser, they talked about teaming up in the studio and collaborating on some music,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Awesome!

In addition to Ariana, the Material Girl wants yet another musical diva to join them. “Madonna’s looking to create a huge hit song with Ariana in the New Year. She’s also wants to include Britney (Spears) on the song. Think “Bang Bang”, but with an even bigger bang,” the source reveals. We can’t wait for the song AND the music video!