TMZ-sivuston mukaan Britneyn Vegas-sopimus olisi kaksivuotinen ja hän tienaisi hulppeat 15 miljoonaa vuodessa. Esityksiä olisi 48 vuodessa, eli ansiot per esitys olisivat 310 000 dollaria. Celine Dion ansaitsee vuodessa enemmän, mutta hänellä on myös paljon enemmän esityksiä. Asia varmasti selkenee huomisessa GMA-ohjelmassa.

Britney Spears will be raking in HUGE STACKS in Vegas this winter, a ridiculous $310,000 per show… nearly $15 million per year, but she still doesn’t hold a candle to Celine Dion.

TMZ is privy to the financial details of Britney’s deal. The 2-year contract calls for 48 shows a year at Planet Hollywood. According to the contract, Britney will earn $310,000 per show.

By contrast, Celine does 70 shows a year. Sources say she pulls in $476,000 a show… so she’s way ahead of Britney in the money department, but Brit gets more time off.

Britney’s cut of the gate is huge, projected sales per show are $508,514, meaning Brit will be snagging more than 60%.

As we reported, producers are shooting for a “cool, hip club-like show”… unlike the run-of-the-mill Vegas shows that preceded it (Celine’s included). It starts in December.

If that’s not convincing, check out these cool 3D mock-ups of the stage.

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